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Click Here for help with finding the VIN number of a used car

Our online car report guide features resources and help on buying your next used car

About this Website
We are an association of consumer advocates that are sick and tired of the dirty business practices of used auto dealers. We offer free car fact checks to avoid rip-offs.

We outline ways for working class Americans to avoid buying lemons, suffering financial loss and excess emotional distress at the hands of a greedy used car dealership.

Find a VIN Number
You can find your vehicle's VIN number from the car itself. A VIN is visible on the lower right hand (driver's side) corner of the dash when looking through the front windshield. The VIN is need for used car fact reports. The VIN is also printed inside the drivers door on the frame. You may also find the VIN on registrations, titles and proof of insurance cards.

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Get a Free Used Car Check or get a complete Used Car Report online for any used car. You will need a VIN number. Need help finding a car's vin number? We show you where to find the VIN Number Here.


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Get a Free Car Title Search or obtain a complete Car History Report online for any used american car. You will need a VIN number to do the search. You can locate the VIN Number online with our fast service.

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